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The motor is designed with forward gear, reverse gear and neutral gear, clutch output and it can be rotated 360°flexibly. The height of bracket can be freely adjusted between 0.6m to 1m. Compared with traditional outboard motors, it can save 30% fuel, highly efficient and economic. No matter it is in winter or summer, it can be started once, and it is of compacted structure and light weight. The mating power of the outboard motor has passed CE, EPA and CARB certificates.
Rated power(kw/r/min) 1.8/1760
Maximum power(r/min)3600~4000
External Dimension(mm)400×420×1115
Suspension height(mm)415~590
Application of stern plate vertical height(mm)283~483
Operating modeSteering handle
Transmission modeClutch and gear
Gear Transmission Ration2.15(28/13)
Cooling modeForced air cooling
Exhaust silencing modeMuffler machine straight row
Warped wayManual
Propeller Size3-7 1/2"×7"
Recommended Fuel90#Normal No-lead gasoline
Fuel Tank1.4L
Recommended EN OilSAE 15W-40

Maximum fuel consumption per hour(kg/h)


Engine lubricating oil

Recommended Gear OilHypoid gear oilSAE#90
Gear Oil Capacity0.07L
GreaseGeneral purpose lithium base grease(GB7324-1994)

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