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Railway Bolt Lubrication

1.Main Feature
Improve the level of mechanization of maintenance and will play a very good role in promoting daily maintenance of rail parts. Not only working efficiency greatly improved, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the operator, but also save spending of oil, no pollution to the ballast, meet current energy saving and environmental protection requirements; 
The hydraulic pump powered by gasoline engine to work forcefully and conveniently. Could Substitute for the artificial handle operation, effect is more equality, improve work efficiency 6 times, reduce cost 3 times, anti-rust time up to more than 3 months; Compact and reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation and simple operation Safe and convenient to use
Application in railway line laying of various types of concrete sleeper bolts oiling maintenance operations, especially can be used in the absence of external connected to the power supply, without external power pneumatic occasions to track bolts for oiling and maintenance;

Railway Bolt Lubrication:

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