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Blowers and Vacuums

  The portable blower vacuum is one kind of lightweight, flexible, and efficient environmental protection tools, our company has been researched this product since the late 1990s of the last century ,so far has 13 years of history .It is the first developed and the development of blower products of professional manufacturers. The products are mainly divided into two types of piggyback sweeper and hand-held sweeper. Portable sweeper machine has two functions, which can wind swept wind collection.
  Scope of application: Can be used to clean the leaves, dust, waste and grass which are cutting off. It also can be used for cleaning in home gardens, residential, schools, hospital and companies.
     Motive power: knapsack blower mainly use 2-stroke engine. Portable blower use 2-stroke engine, 4-stroke engine or 4-stroke gas engine.
  Our products have advantages compared with the same degree products in the market. Such as lighter, more beautiful, small vibration, low noisy, low fuel consumption, large amount of wind and high cleaning efficiency. Some models can meet the requirements of EURO II and EPA.

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