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Power Sprayer

  Back-packing power spray is a kind of portable, flexible and high- efficient protection machinery, be available for a all kinds of crops and economic crop pest control, such as cotton, rice, wheat, fruit trees, tea tree, banana, grapes, orange, litchi and so on.; and can also be used for urban environmental protection, crop vegetables protect, awning greenhouse an extermination, chemical weeding, animal husbandry and epidemic prevention, etc.
  Applying pressure spraying style makes atomization efficient better and target more correctly and highly increase the working efficiency and reduce the waste of liquids. The main part of piston pump apply two –way piston type making the structure simple and compct ,easily maintenance. The model is with high pressure, big-flow, high efficiency and control effect is obviously. The main nozzle parts are three long pole spray nozzle, spraying widely, high efficiency.

Power Sprayer:

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