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Cultrivator Series

- The cultivator of our company belong to muti-garden machinery, mainly used for small field, it can match different tools for different work, like: ridging, covering film, deep-tilling, earth up, fertilizing and so on.
- We are devoting to mechanization of farming for years, now already developed 6 models of small-cultivators, matching gasoline or diesel engines from 1.1 to 5.0 kw, tilling-width(24-75) cm, tilling depth(10-20) cm, use independent transmission and moving system, can used for small field’s tilling work; unlike the large agricultural machinery—can not get into mountainous area and small field, it can moving freely between field, it is best replacement of tilling cattle; some of those modle can match kinds of tools, can be used for tiding, furrowing, ridging, weeding, earth up and so on, besides can be used as transporting toll for short distance, can realize the mechanization of small filed in the country at the  going on period.

Cultrivator Series:

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