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CT10 mini excavator is small, flexible, powerful and reliable. It is widely used in vegetable greenhouses, orchards, nurseries, landscaping, interior decoration and other agricultural, municipal construction and other fields.
■Adopt engine which meet China NationⅢor Euro V emission standard, with strong power, stable performance, smooth movement and small vibration;
■Adopt hydraulic components specially provided by Carter heavy industries with stable performance and high reliability;
■Equipped with deflectable working device, it can easily cope with the construction operation of narrow space corners.
■Humanized designed of operation and switch control, more convenient and comfortable to operate ;
■ With the rear-lift integral hood, it’s easier to maintain and overhaul.
■It can be equipped with rotary drill, crushing hammer, scarifier, ditch digging bucket, sieve bucket, loading bucket, grab and other accessories, with higher added value.

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